DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S01E06 “Star City 2046” REVIEW

Legends Of Tomorrow S01E06 “Star City 2046” REVIEW

Star City 2046

stars 3.5

Airing in the UK on: Sky1, Thursdays, 8PM
Writer: Marc Guggenheim & Ray Utarnachitt
Director: Steve Shills


Essential Plot Points:

  • Picking up right where the last episode left off, the new green-hooded Archer that is not Oliver Queen attacks the Legends who are forced to retreat back to the ship and work on repairing it so they can leave 2046.
  • Sara insists on accompanying Leonard and Mick as they assist Rip in retrieving a piece of future technology to fix the ship.
  • Stein realises that Jax has feelings for Kendra and that he’s jealous of her getting along with Ray so well. Stein encourages Jax to have confidence in himself.
  • Meanwhile the other Legends get into a fight with a gang in the city and the new Green Arrow.
  • Sara meets the new Green Arrow and learns he is John Diggle, Jr who is using the alias Connor Hawke and that Oliver Queen is presumed dead.
  • They then encounter a new Deathstroke who is the son of Slade Wilson and is called Grant. 15 years ago Grant arrived in the city with an army and took over the city, with one of the casualties being Sara’s father.
  • While Jax takes Stein’s advice about being more confident around Kendra, Stein question Ray about his interest in Kendra and a somewhat surprised Ray insists he’s focused on the mission and just gets along with Kendra because… well, he’s Ray and he’s a generally affable guy.

Star City 2046

  • Sara and Rip accompany Connor to the old Green Arrow hideout to retrieve the technology the need to fix the ship and find Oliver is alive but lacking an arm. He tells them everyone from the old gang is gone and that if Sara and Ray had been there perhaps it could have made a difference. He lets them know where to find the tech they are looking for but doesn’t want to help them in their fight.
  • Stein is alarmed to learn that Ray has now actually developed an interest in Kendra after Stein inadvertently planting the seed in his mind when questioning him.
  • Leonard and Mick are partying with the street gang but the festivities are interrupted by Grant Wilson turning up and ordering everyone to hunt down and kill Sara and Rip.
  • Leonard insists that they go out and help them from being killed and Mick begrudgingly agrees (he LOVES the anarchy in 2046).
  • Though they arrive in time to help Sara and Rip fight off some attackers, Connor is taken captive during the struggle.
  • Sara wants to save Connor in here and now in this timeline even though Rip says they should just leave in the ship, and fix the timeline in the past so that this future never happens. Sara can’t get her head round this logic and argues they have a duty to help whether or not the future actually ever happens.
  • Mick wants to stay put in this timeline but Leonard doesn’t approve so he knocks Mick out so he can be brought back on board the ship.
  • Stein is forced to admit to Jax that he has  accidentally made Ray interested in Kendra but Jax is more confident now and doesn’t hold a grudge.
  • Leonard and Mick, however, have a more tense exchange in which Mick threatens Leonard to never lay a hand on him again and he acknowledges that his greatest wish is to see the world burn.
  • Sara returns to Oliver and convinces him to become the Green Arrow again and help. Oliver arrives in time to help stop Wilson from killing Connor. With help from the whole team, he is able to defeat Wilson permanently.
  • Ray asks Kendra out and she turns him down due to her not being ready to get involved with anyone just yet, an exchange which Jax overhears.
  • Once the ship is fully repaired, the team is able to get back into the time stream and on course to stop Vandal Savage.

Star City 2046


This episode nicely brings the show’s universe back into the greater DC TV universe by revisiting Star City, albeit a future version of it, and having appearances from Oliver Queen and introducing Connor Hawke.

Though it’s important for the show to build its own mythology, the interconnectedness of these multiple shows is quite impressive. With the notably darker tone of this episode due to the destruction of Star City in the future and the eventual deaths of so many beloved characters looming over viewers, the storyline for Stein and Jax dealing with Jax’s romantic interest in Kendra is a nice point of relief to balance things out.

This also allows us to see a more fun side of the Firestorm relationship after their brief falling out due to Jax’s initial resistance to joining the team and mission.

Sara is central to the episode’s plot, as she is the Legend with the most emotional investment in Star City. Caity Lotz is steady in her delivery during the moments of dramatic conflict.

The Good:

Star City 2046

  • Victor Garber and Franz Drameh show some truly terrific chemistry in this episode. Their comparatively lighthearted plot dealing with Jax’s romantic interest in Kendra is both entertaining and efficient in establishing a greater connection between them.
  • It’s fascinating that there’s already friction being shown between Leonard and Mick. They started things off being the outsiders of the group but now Leonard has more firmly established his connection with the team, even referring to them as “friends”, while Mick is being written in a darker, downward spiral. For him to want to “watch the world burn” has created greater intrigue into his origin story within the show’s universe.
  • Perhaps this is a minute detail, but it was a nice touch to have the characters outright declare that Kendra did the bulk of the work to repair the ship, as it goes against gender stereotypes.

​The Bad:

Star City 2046

  • The ageing makeup for “Old Oliver Queen” was pretty poorly. There was little more than a bit of facial hair glued to his chin and a wig slapped on his head. There needed to be more attention to detail in the make-up for his face, from the inevitable wrinkles, spotting, and other signs of ageing that would have appeared after 30 years.
  • The fact that Kendra is making claims about not being ready for a love interest is a tricky plot point. There is a problematic trope in fictional media in which black women are denied any real, prolonged love interest(s). We can call it the, “Don’t need a man” trope for short. In regards to plot, it does make a bit of sense that Kendra would want to wait till she has figured things out more in regards to her goddess powers. However, if this carries on for too long then the writers will have fallen into the same problematic tropes that continue to plague fictional media content.

The Random:

Star City 2046

  • How fun would it be to have another spin-off show showing the battle between John Diggle, Jr/Connor Hawke and Grant Wilson/“new” Slade Wilson? Admittedly, this timeline may very well be re-written but it could be a kind of “What If?” series, or set on one of The Flash’s various multiverses. It’s just that the dynamic works so well here it seems a shame to waste the opportunity for more.

Reviewed by Jenevia Kagawa Darcy


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