Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Heading To TV As A “Superhero Love Story”

cloak_and_dagger_Cloak And Dagger is one of those enticing Marvel properties that has been threatening to head screenwards for some time now. Because they’re not just a pair of superheroes, but a pair of superheroes linked by Yin/Yang powers – his dark, hers light – who have that whole will-they?/won’t-they? vibe going on. So they’re blessed with a whole load of extra hooks that would help differentiate them from the rest of the on-screen comic book characters out there.

A few years back the ABC Family channel announced that it was developing a TV series based on the duo, but nothing came of it. Marvel also hinted there might be a Cloak And Dagger movie at some point, though again that idea never moved forward. Now the channel that ABC Family has morphed into, Freeform, has announced that it has issued a series order for new crack at Cloak And Dagger, describing it as a “superhero love story”.

In the comics Cloak, Tyrone “Ty” Johnson, is the embodiment of Darkness, while Dagger, Tandy Bowen, is the embodiment of light. He is linked to a dark dimension through which he can teleport but also send other people there too; she can create daggers of light and heal people. Ty also feels a kind of “hunger” which is alleviated when Tandy is near. They first appeared in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (1982) and have also fought alongside the X-Men, the Runaways, Doctor Strange and even Captain America’s Secret Avengers. They even had their own title for a while in the mid ’80s and have starred in various mini-series since.

Currently no writer is attached to the series, reports Variety, but Marvel Entertainment and ABC Studios are currently searching for one. Freeform also produces Shadowhunters and it’s a safe bet any Cloak And Dagger series on the channel will family friendly and probably YA-skewed (majoring on the “love story” angle would seem to suggest this is the way they’ll be going). Freeform is not HBO. There won’t be a lot of blood and nudity, you can bet on that.


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