Suicide Squad Star Says Reshoots Are For Action Not Comedy

One of the more bizarre rumours to follow the critical mauling dealt to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was that Warners was so worried about repeated claims that the movie was too dour that it had demanded reshoots on the next DC universe movie Suicide Squad to make it funnier.


This seemed odd on a couple of levels. Firstly, for a huge chunk of the audience that liked Batman V Superman, one of the reasons they repeatedly cited was the very fact that it took itself seriously – and they were the ticket buyers helped it break box office records in its first weekend. Secondly, the Suicide Squad trailer is very funny. The rumour mongers countered that second point with claims that all the jokes from the movie are in the trailer and what’s left is actually more dourness.

This all sounds like bobbins, frankly; more spurious guesstimation generated by film that’s been so gloriously divisive that DC fans themselves don’t know whether to celebrate its serious tone or set up campaigns demanding director Zack Snyder never be allowed near a superhero movie again.

Undeniably Suicide Squad has gone to reshoots, but as BUZZ has pointed out before on a number of occasions, long gone are the days when reshoots were a by-word for “the film’s a turkey”. These days reshoots just seem to be part of the natural filmmaking process; studios probably have a column in their spreadsheets labelled “budget set aside for reshoots” even before principal photography has begun. It’s just how films are made these days; final tweaks for a generation of filmmakers who start shooting before the scripts have been nailed down.

All of which is backed up by actor Jai Courtney who plays Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad. Interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, he’s asked about the “make it funnier” rumours and gives every indication of a man who’s never heard anything about such things. “I think there’s plenty of that in it,” he says, meaning a humorous tone. “I wouldn’t say we’re going back to make it funnier. There’s some additional action stuff we’ve been doing.”

We’re inclined to believe him. He certainly doesn’t come across like a man who’s been prepped by the PR team to toe a party line. BUZZ is still quietly confident that Suicide Squad will be more of a critical hit than Batman V Superman but whether that translates into box office… only time will tell.

Suicide Squad is set for a UK release on 5 August.

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