New Suicide Squad Trailer Is A Ballroom Blitz

Suicide Squad Batman Flying

You will believe a Batman can fly! Well kinda. You will believe a Batman can cling to the roof of a car and do a passable Superman impression, to be accurate. There’s a lot of new footage in this latest trailer for DC’s Suicide Squad including shots of that Batman/Joker scuffle that everyone knew was coming after amateur behind-the-scenes photos and vids of it being filmed swept the internet a few months back.

The music this time starts out with “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace, then “Ballroom Blitz” by the Sweet, which is a return to the ’70s glam rock theme set in the first trailer with “Bohemian Rhaspsody”,

This trailer would also seem to utterly dispel the rumour that all the gags from the film were in the first trailer, unless you believe all the new gags here are the result of reshoots (some conspiracy theorists no doubt will…). It all looks great fun to BUZZ.

Suicide Squad is released in the UK on 5 August.


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