Suicide Squad Director Laughs At The Idea Reshoots Were For Comedy

Suicide Squad Killer Croc

You know the way BUZZ has been deriding all those ludicrous rumours about the reshoots on Suicide Squad being done because Warners demanded more comedy after critics hated Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice partly because it was so damn humourless? (A weird argument, since the film is now on course to make between $8oo million-$900 million dollars worldwide so you’d think Warners would be saying, “Take out the humour! Make it more pompous!”)

Anyway, Suicide Squad director David Ayer has now weighed in, following the release of the second (humour-packed) trailer. Here’s what he had to Tweet on the matter:

Which makes total sense to us. As we keep pointing out, reshoots no longer have the stigma attached to them that they once did. Nearly all blockbusters do them these days. Alfred Hitchcock – a director who ruthlessly storyboarded everything so that the film was complete in head before the cameras started rolling – is probably turning in his grave at the make-it-up-as-you-go-along method of modern movie-making. But that’s how it’s done these days. Shoot, edit, sit back, listen to everybody’s opinions then reshoot to clarify or add more action or to change the pace or whatever.

Okay, the occasional turkey that gets the studio so panicky they demand emergency cosmetic reshoots still happen (Fantastic Four) but reshoots aren’t the immediate indicator of forthcoming flop they once were.


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