Grand Theft Auto Becomes A Bona Fide Work Of Art


Grand Theft Auto is unarguably a massively popular videogame. But is it art? Well, it is now.

The controversial game is forming the basis of a new moving image art exhibit at The Gallery, Tyneside Cinema from 4 May to 16 June.

FF Gaiden: Alternative is the first collaborative solo exhibition by artists Larry Achiampong and David Blandy. FF Gaiden: Alternative is a major new moving image piece that forms part of the artists’ on-going Finding Fanon series inspired by the lost plays of Frantz Fanon (1925-1961). FF Gaiden: Alternative uses the virtual gaming world of Grand Theft Auto 5 to explore Fanon’s writing. Fanon was a politically radical humanist who supported the decolonisation struggles after World War II. While Head of Psychiatry at a hospital in Algeria he observed the effects of colonial violence on the human psyche. He saw violence as the defining characteristic of colonialism and conversely as a cathartic reaction against oppression.

Created by a process of collaboration between Achiampong and Blandy with young people participating in The Factory, Tyneside Cinema’s free arts programme for young people, FF Gaiden: Alternative combines a plethora of material gleaned from their conversations about contemporary identity; thoughts about how relationships and identities are formed through the virtual world; and an original, encapsulating, synth-driven soundtrack that contextualises the intense, high definition visuals and stories of the film.

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FF Gaiden: Alternative Preview from David Blandy on Vimeo.


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