Lucifer S01E11 “St Lucifer” REVIEW

Lucifer S01E11 “St Lucifer” REVIEW


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Airing in the UK on Amazon Prime Instant Video, new episodes every Tuesday
Writers: Sheri Elwood, David McMillan
Director: Mairzee Almas


Essential Plot Points:

  • Chloe wakes up with a hangover in Lucifer’s bed but the usually horny little devil reveals that he didn’t take advantage of her.
  • In therapy, Lucifer reveals to Dr Linda that he felt a real thrill from being “good” and wants to do more good, but Linda’s worried that he’s not really being altruistic, just obsessed with his image.
  • Chloe investigates the murder of an ex-sport star who had since set up a charitable foundation. Lucifer claims to identify with the guy and decides to carry on his legacy, offering to hold an charity event for the foundation at his night club, the Lux.
  • Chloe is not happy with this new do-gooding “St Lucifer” sensing that it’s a shallow attempt to appear benevolent.
  • Lucifer grows increasingly annoyed that his attempts to be do good (such as literally giving a homeless man the shirt off his back) don’t bring the same thrill as resisting having sex with Chloe. (They are, however, giving a thrill to certain sections of the audience who like a flash of Lucifer in the buff.)
  • Meanwhile, Malcolm, who has Dan tied up, reveals that he is going to frame Dan for Lucifer’s murder, using a weapon that has Dan’s prints all over it.


  • Elsewhere, Maze seeks out and seduces Amenadiel (we presume this is all a ruse, as later – in an attempt to get back into her boss’s good books – she tells Lucifer that she is now in a position to spy on Amenadiel).
  • It turns out that the murder victim was having a secret gay relationship and his demanding wife was embezzling funds from the foundation.
  • Chloe works out that the wife is the murderer but needs proof so she turns to the woman’s attorney, who truly is an altruistic man, appalled to learn his employer may not be a nice woman.
  • Just before the charity event Lucifer is getting ready in his apartment when Malcolm appears with the intention of shooting him.


  • Lucifer prevents him from doing so by bartering his life for his “Pentecostal” coin; Lucifer was going to use it if he ever needed to return to Hell, which he never envisages doing now. He tells Malcolm he can use the coin to prevent him going to Hell when he eventually dies. Again.
  • Then the evil wife appears in Lucifer’s apartment to fetch him for the charity bash. It clicks with Lucifer that she’s the murderer so she shoots him dead then leaves.
  • Dan has managed to escaped his bonds and rushes to the Lux to try to stop Malcolm shooting Lucifer. As he enters Lucifer’s apartment he sees Lucifer lying on the floor, dead.
  • Then Lucifer sits up. He’s survived. How?
  • Chloe and Lucifer arrest evil wife at the charity bash after some marvellous MCing from Lucifer.
  • Later, chatting with Maze, Lucifer tries to work out how he survived; how his immortality works sometimes and not others. At the Lux, he cuts himself with a knife but there is no blood. Then he has a brainwave he needs to test out.
  • He promptly visits Chloe and secretly cuts himself on the hand… and bleeds.




Well, the producers are certainly treating Lucifer fans this week. And not just because the crime-of-the-week is actually vaguely interesting for a change. What we’re actually referring to is the way “St Lucifer” is practically a Lucifer Morningstar cabaret showcase. Lucifer sings! Lucifer strips! Lucifer MCs! Lucifer acts like a true gent to Chloe! Lucifer wears a tux! Lucifer dies! Lucifer is resurrected! Lucifer (kinda) forgives Maze! And, of course, Lucifer provides much amusing quippage

Normally this amount of fan-service would lead to accusations of the writers pandering to the fan fiction fraternity. But somehow it all works magnificently. “St Lucifer” is enormous fun and it has major arc plot revelations to make sure you need to tune in again next week to find out what going to happen.

The episode takes the piss out of LA life more than ever before in a plot that has many swipes at the nip/tuck mentality and vacuous charity events. Lucifer is the perfect character to send this up and wastes no time winding up the botoxed brigade, using his charm to expose them as plastic cougars. The “St Lucifer” conceit – a great term there, coined by Chloe – is played for all it’s worth; we honestly wouldn’t have minded if they’d CGed in a halo to further inflate Lucifer’s ego. Okay, maybe that would have been a bit meta… but it wouldn’t have taken too much suspension of disbelief.

So, it’s a great episode for Tom Ellis, but Lauren German has her moments too, especially the “morning after” opening. Meanwhile Maze and Amenadiel’s sex scene is hilarious, but we’re left wondering if she was genuinely amused by Amenadiel’s goat anecdote (we presume he meant that he was the one who created the rumour about the devil having cloven feet) or if she was just pretending to be amused for the greater good. We hope the latter because Amenadiel came across as a massive bore here.

There was some creakiness. Malcolm was a little too easily convinced by Lucifer’s claims about his coin. Dan’s escape was very convenient. The formula whereby Lucifer tries to “learn about this human emotion you call… [insert emotion here]” every week only to fail miserably is getting a little predictable. But there’s a real feeling that the show is heading towards a Hell of a finale.


The Good:


  • After teasing us with the idea that Malcolm’s going to shoot Lucifer, then having Lucifer talk him down, the show blindsides us with the brilliant twist of having evil wife shoot him instead – a brilliant piece of scripting smoke and mirrors.
  • We’ve suspected since episode four that it’s only Chloe who could harm Lucifer (no, honestly – we wrote in review, “Lucifer’s quite sanguine about it all, though. The fact that Chloe can harm him just makes her even more fascinating to him,” which shows that at the time we didn’t realise that Lucifer thought anybody could harm him). However, this episode finally makes this explicit and it does so very cleverly.


  • The Amenadiel/Maze sex scene was hilarious in its understatement, especially when Amenadiel’s wings pop out and smash the window, presumably when he climaxes.
  • This show always has gorgeous cinematography but even more so this week. The colours, lighting and the framing are often very impressive.
  • Lots of fantastic Lucifer quips, two of which – the Rosemary’s Baby and The Devil Wears Prada ones – we’ve covered in the “Random” section below, but also:
    • “You snore, by the way, like an Albanian field wench.”
    • “I mean it’s like a literal rush, a high. Have you ever mixed cocaine and Molly with Pop Rocks? It’s nothing like that… I’m just curious.”
    • “Such a well-preserved crowd. Love your work Dr Broffman. Tucking marvellous.”


  • It’s great to see the show really taking some satirical swipes at the LA lifestyle with gags about plastic surgery and homeless people having IMDb entries. Louie was hilarious, proudly holding onto his arc in Party Of Five and his CSI guest appearance (the actor who plays him, Philip Granger, has appeared in neither, ironically).


  • The latest “exasperated-Chloe-expression” of the week was an absolute classic. We need to start making a montage of these.


The Bad:


  • Lucifer’s “evil” eyes just look very, very silly. Sure, this is a comedy drama but the show’s creative team really needs to come up with a scarier devil face to give these moments more impact.
  • The scene in which Lucifer barters with Malcolm to save his life falls a little flat for a number of other reasons too. It should be a big dramatic moment, but Lucifer seems too flippant about the whole thing and Malcolm accepts Lucifer’s spiel about the coin with an amazing level gullibility (especially for a man who’s just been told he’s been duped by another angel). Lucifer might be telling the truth but he offers no proof that he is.
  • Chloe’s little strop about preferring the old Lucifer to St Lucifer doesn’t quite convince either. To the audience St Lucifer is the same self-centred, easily-distracted, social-graceless (and amusing to watch) Lucifer we always get.


And The Random:

  • The devil gets all the best tunes, and this week’s selection includes:
    • “Emotional Rescue” (2009 re-mastered Digital version) by The Rolling Stones – Chloe wakes up in Lucifer’s bed, naked.
    “Epic” by Becca Kötte – Lucifer has stern words for Maze at the Lux.
    • “Devil May Care” – The song Lucifer croons at the Golden Donors lunch.
    • “Feel Safe” by All We Are – Chloe and Lucifer at the Lux as it’s being prepped for the Dunilear Foundation charity bash.
    • “Le Nozze Di Figaro, K. 492: Act III Scene 10: Duettino – Sull’aria” – Lucifer dresses for the charity bash in his apartment.
    • “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones – Maze and Amenadiel shag in a car.
    • “Eyes That Kill” by Coobee Coo – Dan runs through the LUX to stop Malcolm shooting Lucifer.
    • “Daylight’s Gone” by Motopony – Maze & Lucifer talk in the Lux about how he survived being shot.


  • We’ve been going on for weeks about Tom Ellis’s performance as Lucifer reminds us of Leslie Phillips but at the moment above he seemed to be channelling another veteran British actor entirely – Roger Moore in The Saint. We’d be surprised if the comparison hadn’t occurred to Ellis while he was shooting the scene, especially as it happened immediately before the show’s title card appeared (which is what used to happen in the ’60s show – although it was a full title credits sequence back then).
  • When Lucifer jokes about having had sex with Chloe, he winds her up by saying, “I’m pretty sure we made Rosemary’s baby”. Rosemary’s Baby is a 1967 novel by Ira Levin and a 1968 film based on that novel directed by Roman Polanski which is about a woman who unwittingly sleeps with the devil and has his child.
  • His quip, “As you can see, the Devil does indeed wear Prada,” is a reference to the 2006 comedy movie The Devil Wears Prada which is set in the fashion industry.


  • Maybe it was just a coincidence but we couldn’t but notice that there was a goat in this shot of the non-existent school, in the same episode Amenadiel boasts that he was the one who spread false goat-related rumours about Lucifer (presumably that he has cloven feet). It probably means nothing but it was oddly distracting. We kept expecting Lucifer to go off on a rant about goats.
  • Lucifer says his “Pentecostal coin” would be his means to return to Hell. Pentecostal refers to the the Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension. We’re not how that makes the coin the key to Hell.


Review by Dave Golder

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