BUZZ News Shorts: Spider-Man Homecoming, Cumberbatch Steals Christmas & More

••• According to The Hollywood Reporter, the producers of Spider-Man: Homecoming are in talks with former Batman Michael Keaton to play the film’s main villain. No news on who that villain might be, but if it’s The Vulture the Keaton would be going from one Birdman to another.


••• Sony has revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch is set to voice the Grinch in a new animated film version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which is set for a November 2017.  Jim Carrey played the character under a huge amount of latex in a 2000 live-action version of the famous Dr Seuss tale directed by Ron Howard. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

••• Sony has also announced that South Park co-creator Trey Parker will voice the new villain in Despicable Me 3. Parker has never voiced anything other than characters he has created before. The new Despicable villain is called Balthazar Bratt, who is a former child star obsessed with the character he played in the ’80s. In addition, Steve Carell will voice both Gru and Gru’s charming twin brother The film is set for a June 2017 release. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

••• Yet another live-action Peter Pan adaptation is on the way despite the almighty flop that was Pan last year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Lowery, who called the shots on the upcoming Pete’s Dragon remake, will direct the new version of Peter Pan for Disney.

••• Steven Spielberg is currently casting Mark (Wolf Hall) Rylance in everything’s he’s making. The relationship suffered a rocky start. 30 years ago Spielberg offered the young Rylance a part in Empire Of The Sun, but Rylance turned him down after consulting the I-Ching and joining the RSC for a season instead. When he finally appeared in a Spielberg film, Bridge Of Spies (2015), he won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. Suddenly, Tom Cruise was off Spielberg’s most-wanted list. Rylance won the title role in Spielberg’s The BFG (2016). A couple of days ago it was announced that he would play Pope Pius IX in Spielberg’s historical film The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara. Now we learn that Rylance will play the pivotal role of James Donovan Halliday, the part-Willy Wonka, part-Bill Gates character whose death sparks off events in the sci-fi blockbuster Ready Player One (don’t worry – he keeps popping up in virtual form throughout the story).

••• The real Godzilla is back. Toho Pictures has just released their Godzilla Resurgence trailer!




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