DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S01E07 “Marooned” REVIEW

Legends Of Tomorrow S01E07 “Marooned” REVIEW


stars 3

Airing in the UK on: Sky1, Thursdays, 8pm
Writers: Anderson Mackenzie, Phil Klemmer
Director: Gregory Smith


Essential Plot Points:

  • Rip grows increasingly frustrated when he’s unable to track down Vandal Savage’s next location. He determines that Gideon’s software needs to be upgraded and when they receive a distress call from another time ship, the Akeron, he decides that they need to steal that ship’s AI software.
  • Rip takes Dr Stein, Jax and Mick with him in a transport ship to the Akeron. Stein remains on the transporter while Rip, Jax and Mick board the Akeron and…
  • …are immediately taken captive by time pirates who try to ransom the prisoners in exchanges for the Waverider.
  • Rip is able to trigger defensive programming on the Waverider using a code word during a ransom call.
  • Stein secretly leaves the transport ship and boards the Akeron to try to help.
  • On autopilot the Waverider attacks the Akeron. The pirates fire back and cause damage to the Waverider while Stein gets to work sabotaging the Akeron from the inside.
  • Sara and Leonard work on repairing the Waverider but end up locked in the room which is leaking air out of a breach in the hull.
  • In a series of flashbacks we see Rip’s relationship develop with his wife and how their relationship was forbidden by the rules of Time Masters. Their relationship was able to continue after Rip’s wife gave up being a Time Master.
  • Mick betrays the Legends by offering to turn over the Waverider to the pirates.
  • Ray is busy working on repairing the hull from the outside of the ship, while Sara and Leonard are having a heart-to-heart as they try not to freeze to death.
  • Sara warns Leonard that Mick is not coming back from the dark place he is currently in.
  • The prisoners on the Akeron mull over Mick’s betrayal and Rip is more caught up in his regret over not being able to save his family and doesn’t blame Mick for betraying them all. Then Stein breaks into their holding cell and rescues them.
  • Ray is able to fix the hull and free Sara and Leonard but he goes into cardiac arrest. Kendra has to perform CPR to save him from death.
  • Mick boards the Waverider with the pirates in tow. Mick offers Leonard the opportunity to team up and he seemingly agrees until he attacks the pirates instead, allowing the Legends on board to flee.
  • Rip and the other Legends are able to take over the Akeron while the others successfully fight off the pirates.
  • The captain of the Akeron gives Rip the necessary upgrade for Gideon and a tip to tracking down Savage as a gesture of thanks for getting rid of the pirates.
  • Leonard tells the other Legends that he will take care of Mick personally so that he cannot be a liability to the team any longer. He takes Mick out to an undisclosed location and time and seemingly kills him.



This episode was a bit of a mixed bag. Many of the plot developments aren’t necessarily bad writing choices but much of it felt rushed with little build-up to make the changes feel properly satisfying to the viewers. Overall, the greater purpose of the episode seemed to be to serve up backstory for the viewers to better understand some of the lead characters. Though this is an important part of telling the story it would have been preferable to have it better balanced with more substantial plot developments in the main story, rather than just retrieving just one piece of technology to upgrade Gideon. The next episode should prove more interesting as they finally have a location for Vandal Savage and can carry on with their main mission.


The Good

  • Arthur Darvill’s passionate performance combined with the writing for Rip Hunter’s flashbacks were well executed.
  • Stein playing the action herowas a nice change of pace for his character. Much as with Rip, it felt like we we learning a new side to Stein’s character.
  • Sara and Leonard’s heart-to-heart in the hull when they were on the verge of death was another strong dramatic plot point with good character content. Viewers were treated to insight for Sara’s death experience as well as how Leonard and Mick first met.



​The Bad:

  • Though Ray and Kendra’s pairing is by no means objectionable, it felt too much like a flip-flop after Kendra said she wasn’t interested in a relationship a mere episode ago only to have her immediately swing in the other direction this week. If they wanted to have the two embark on a romantic relationship it would have been better to build up just a bit more tension first so viewers could have felt more satisfied at their finally getting together.
  • Mick’s betrayal of the team also feels abrupt. It was only one episode ago that we saw some proper conflict kick up between him and the other Legends. He was always the hot-head and a bit of a loose cannon but this is another plot development that would have benefited from greater buildup first.


The Random:

  • The part of the episode where Sara and Kendra unleashed a whole lot of action on the pirates was exquisite. They are enormously exciting to watch in action and it’s very impressive how well actress Ciara Renée has taken to action when Caity Lotz has had a few years head start doing fight scenes in this DCTV universe.

Reviewed by Jenevia Kagawa Darcy


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