Ian Somerhalder Does U-Turn On “Vampire Diaries To End” Claim


Seems like the bigwigs at the CW have been having quiet words with Ian Somerhalder. A few days ago at a convention he announced that The Vampire Diaries was to end after season eight. Now he’s “officially” changed his tune a little.

Using TwitPlus he’s Tweeted the following statement:

“Hey all, so… Last weekend I talked to an audience at a Q&A about the end of #TVD and how excited I was to make what I believe – my last year – be as great as possible. Somehow in my infinite wisdom and end-of-season foggy brain, I managed to make it sound like the show was coming to an end. Cut-to the press running stories that the show would be done after Season eight. Thing is, the people who actually make that decision (the CW and WB) haven’t made it yet! So let’s take things one step at a time: season seven wrap, vacation, lots of sleep, let the writers get started on season eight, and then we’ll all see where we go from there. Until then, much love 😉

This still seems to suggest that Somerhalder intends to leave at the end of season eight. With Kat Graham (Bonnie) confirmed to leave at that point too, that leaves only Paul Wesley (Stefan), Candice King (Caroline) and Zach Roerig (Matt) from the original to appear in a ninth season, should it happen. And the most interesting characters to have been added to the show in the meantime – the Originals – have their own spin-off now. Admittedly Caroline is a great character, but that doesn’t leave much to build a ninth series of The Vampire Diaries around unless the writers seriously beef up some of the existing support characters (or create some new ones) in season eight.



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