Mystery Guest: Hélène Joy Joins List Of London Stars

HeleneJoyMOBILEComic books and anime cosplay aren’t exactly what Victorian pathologist Dr. Julia Ogden would have had in mind when she pictured East London, but we hope Murdoch Mysteries star Hélène Joy will feel right at home when she visits London Comic Con next month.

Bucking 19th century stereotypes, Hélène’s character on the award-winning Canadian crime drama is a smart, forward-thinking modern woman, apt to be rather blunt and straightforward with her Toronto police colleagues. Dr. Ogden shares protagonist William Murdoch’s fascination with forensic science and is one of his staunchest allies on the force. Although their burgeoning relationship is derailed by Julia’s marriage to Darcy Garland, Murdoch Mysteries’ eighth season sees the pair together at last.

A Gemini Award winner, Australian actor Hélène Joy has appeared in a host of Canadian and US TV series. In addition to Murdoch Mysteries, her small screen credits include ReGenesis, This Is Wonderland, First Wave, Durham County, An American in Canada, Heartland and the Outer Limitsand Twilight Zone revivals, as well as animated series such as Detentionaire and Pearlie.

— This news story is for May 2016’s MCM London Comic Con —



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