Kevin Smith Reckons His Flash Episode Is The Best Thing He’s Ever Directed

Kevin_smith_the_flash_smallComic shop mogul Kevin Smith has directed a few movies over the years: Mallrats, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma and Clerks among others. But in his latest “Fat Man On Batman” podcast he reveals what he thinks is the best thing he’s ever directed: his upcoming episode of The Flash (3.21), which has yet to be named.

“It is wonderful, dude,” enthuses Smith. “First cut was 55 minutes… We got it down to the running time. It’s 42 minutes. It may be my favourite thing I’ve ever directed. Now that doesn’t mean, like, I suddenly don’t like the movies that I directed. I wrote and directed those things, but this… just as a directing exercise, removing scripts and s**t like that and about how I personally feel about material – whether or not it generated from me – I think this is hands-down the best directing job I’ve ever done. Just directing, like – I feel good and I’ve gotten some nice praise from upstairs. Sounds like I will be able to go back, unless they catch me with a f**kin’ a dead girl or a live boy… I’ve watched it no less than 50 times. It really holds up.”

Charming as ever but his gushing is kinda quaint.  The script for his episode is by Zack Stentz who has worked on movies such as X-Men: First Class, Thor and Power Rangers as well as TV shows like Fringe and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Jason Mewes – the Jay half of Jay and Silent Bob – also appears in the episode (it’s him in the picture with Smith and Zoom).



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