Marvel Removes The Inhumans From Its Release Schedule… For Now

Inhumans 2

A few weeks back Marvel movie boss Kevin Feige promised the release date for The Inhumans would move, and now comes confirmation that it has… right off the schedule.

That’s right. The Inhumans currently has no official release date. The film was originally pencilled in for a 2 November 2018 release, which then moved to 12 July 2019 and now to… some undisclosed future date.

Feige said then that part of the reason The Inhumans was being bumped was the addition of Ant-Man And The Wasp and Spider-Man: Homecoming to thePhase 3 schedule. Now some fans are concerned that The Inhumans may not happen after all.

This seems unlikely, however. It merely seems like Marvel is consolidating its Phase 3 plans, and not muddying the waters for Phase 4, which Feige has said will be “significantly different”. When The Inhumans was occupying its originally 2018 release date it seemed to be part of Phase 3, but the subsequent move to after Infinity War Part 2 – surely the natural climax to Phase 3 – pretty much confirmed The Inhumans was actually the first movie of Phase 4. Certainly the introduction of The Inhumans would guarantee a “significantly different” course for Phase 4.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four #45 (1965), The Inhumans were a hidden society of superhumans living on the moon, created in the dim and distant past by the alien Kree using something called the Terrigen Mist. They’re actually a handy way that Disney’s Marvel franchise can have mutants but not call them mutants because 2oth Century Fox owns the rights to Marvel’s X-Men and associated mutant characters. It’s a loophole that Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD is currently taking full advantage of.

Having said that, in the Marvel Comics there is a significant tonal difference between the Inhumans and mutants, the former being more cosmic, regal and weird. They’re more of a unified “society” (and a monarchical society at that) than a group of disparate humans with powers. Hopefully the film will reflect that.

So, BUZZ will take a punt and guess that The Inhumans movie is only on hold, not cancelled, and that the next we hear of a release date for it will be when Marvel reveals more detailed plans (and maybe other movies) for Phase 4.


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