DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S01E09 “Left Behind” REVIEW

Legends Of Tomorrow S01E09 “Left Behind” REVIEW


stars 3.5


Airing in the UK on Sky1, Thursdays, 8pm
Writers: Beth Schwartz, Grainne Godfree
Director: John F Showalter


Essential Plot Points:

  • Chronos overrides Gideon’s system in order to force the Waverider to get back into the timestream leaving Sara, Ray, and Kendra stranded in the ’50s.
  • On board the ship, Chronos knocks out Rip and takes Snart with him as they flee on a jump ship. Chronos has sabotaged the ship’s system so Rip is forced to do a reset of Gideon while the ship freefalls through the timestream with Rip, Stein, and Jefferson on board.
  • In 1958, Sara, Ray, and Kendra are forced to make do in that time period and continue living together. Sara firmly believes the rest of the team is dead and that Ray’s efforts to build devices to contact the ship are not going to do them any good.
  • Eventually she leaves them to join the League of Assassins.
  • Ray becomes a professor and builds his life with Kendra.
  • Two years pass and Ray prepares to propose to Kendra but then his beacon, which he had planned on destroying, picks up a signal.
  • The Waverider falls out of the timestream right in front of Ray and Kendra. Kendra is delighted but Ray is disheartened by how easily Kendra is willing to leave behind the pieces of the life they’ve built together in the past.
  • Next they must retrieve Sara who is now in Nada Parbat training with the League of Assassins.
  • Meanwhile, on the jump ship Chronos reveals to Snart that he is actually Mick Rory.  The Time Masters found Rory after Snart was supposed to have killed but abandoned him instead. Rory had nearly lost his mind before the Time Masters found him but then they trained him to be their bounty hunter. He still holds a grudge against Snart.
  • Rip and the others go to rescue Sara but as she has recommitted to Ra’s al Ghul, she turns them over to him and he orders their execution. In an effort to survive, Rip invokes the trial-by-combat ritual. The outcome will be determined by a fight between Kendra and Sara. Rip’s plan is dependent on Kendra being able to make Sara reconnect to her humanity.
  • Although chained up, Snart is able to get his hands on a cold gun and freezes one of his hands to smash it off and free himself.
  • Sara remembers who she really is just as Chronos arrives at the fight. Sara convinces Ra’s to free the team so they can fight off Chronos.
  • They defeat him, but Snart arrives just in time to stop them killing him, forcing Chronos to reveal his true identity. Ra’s is able to piece together the fact that the team is from the future and that Sara had already been in the League. He frees her, saying there is no place in the League for someone so conflicted.
  • The team takes Mick Rory captive on the Waverider and they all decide to try to rehabilitate him.
  • Rip is also able to use Gideon to regenerate Snart’s hand.
  • Ray and Kendra reaffirm their relationship and the team sets course for 2147 to chase after Savage once again.



It’s rather impressive just how much plot the writers are able to cram into this one episode with the aid of a few time-jumps. It could have all gone very badly but solid writing paired with the performances of the lead actors means that “Left Behind” comes together in a relatively cohesive manner. Of course there are things that might have been interesting to see, such as more of Sara’s figurative journey backward in rejoining the League of Assassins, but all things considered it was another solid episode.

It may take a bit for viewers to readjust to the new incarnations of certain characters, what with Mick Rory now being Chronos, and the left-behind Legends having lived through a full two years of experiences. It will be interesting to see how the writers cope with maintaining the essence of who the characters were and who they are now are when embarking on yet another chase-down of Vandal Savage in the coming episodes.


The Good:

  • Caity Lotz has a wide range to play in this episode, from the despair of having been left behind and presuming her fellow team members were dead,  to her regression back into the bloodlust-fuelled violence in the League of Assassins, and the and ultimately rejoining of the Legends. All the shades of Sara were played beautifully.


  • With the aid of a time jump and perhaps from simply having had more time to play the relationship out, the Kendra/Ray pairing seems to have finally found its footing. The chemistry is the best it’s been since the series started and the heartfelt vulnerability of Ray gave us a greater insight into Ray’s characterisation. His reluctance to leave behind the life he built showed viewers that romantic domesticity and intellectual stimulation are some of his greatest joys.\
  • The discussion and following decision by the Legends to reform Mick was a strong, defining moment for many individual characters and the team as a whole.


​The Bad:

  • It felt a bit too much of a coincidence that Rip just happened to have done his graduate thesis on the history of the League of Assassins, conveniently bestowing him with the precise knowledge needed to decode their invisible-inked documents. Wouldn’t it have been more seamless to have had him retrieve the information through Gideon’s extensive database?

The Random:

  • Seeing Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart decide to sacrifice his hand for the sake of escape triggered a memory of a Prison Break plot thread in which the villainous T-Bag lost his hand during the first major escape. Unfortunately for T-Bag, he never had any access to Gideon’s regenerative technology.

Reviewed by Jenevia Kagawa Darcy


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