Karl Urban Says There’s Movement On Judge Dredd TV Series


Karl Urban (Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings) will not rest until he gets to wear Judge Dredd’s helmet again, it seems. Ever since there was a yawning chasm between fans’ euphoric reception for the 2o12 Dredd movie and its dismal box office, Urban has been a vocal supporter for efforts to mount a sequel or continuation of some sort. And now, he claims, a TV series could be in the offing.

Last week the actor Tweeted his support for a petition for a Dredd television series on Netflix or Amazon, but at the weekend he took things a little further.

Appearing at the Calgary Expo he was asked about that tweet, and replied, “conversations are happening”.

Now, it’s too soon to get too excited because those conversations could be, “Wanna make a Dredd series?” “No.”

On the other hand, the movie did feel more like a TV pilot than a proper movie; a really good TV pilot, sure, but one that only scratched the surface of the world in which it was set and its characters. So it does feel like a franchise that would suit Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, especially as healthy DVD and Blu-rays sales for the film showed that hardcore fans were willing to pay a premium to watch it. We would feel sorry for Urban, though, having he keep his mouth in that fixed downturn for an entire season’s worth of shooting.

Keep your fingers crossed but don’t hold your breath. [via ComicBook.com]


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