BUZZ News Shorts: Slender Man, New Universal Monster Movie, Monsterpocalypse & More


••• According to, Screen Gems is developing a horror movie based on the internet meme The Slender Man, which began life as part of a Something Awful forum contest to make everyday photographs look supernatural. He was created by Eric Knudsen (not the Erik Knudsen one who played Alec Sadler in Continuum), posting as “Victor Surge” and took to have an online life of his own.

••• The Universal Monsters movie schedule has been updated again with a third Monsterverse film set for release on 15 February 2019 – monster yet to be revealed. This will follow the Alex Kurtzman-directed The Mummy, which premiers in June 2017, and another Monsterverse movie set for April 2018. The smart money is on the two mystery titles being The Wolfman and The Invisible Man, starring Johnny Depp. [via ComingSoon]

••• The Hollywood Reporter reckons that Warner Bros has nabbed the film rights to the board game Monsterpocalypse with Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez attached to direct. Monsters in the game range from giant apes and dinosaurs to Cthulhu-like beings.

••• Twilight author Stephenie Meyer will be wearing her film producer hat for a new YA movie based on the supernatural romance novel Anna Dressed In Blood (great title) by Kendare Blake. The film will star Cameron Monaghan (so brilliant as Joker-blueprint Jerome in Gotham) as a ghost slayer (don’t ask) who meets the spirit of a murderous ghost called Anna who spares his life. Maddie Hasson (Twisted, I Saw the Light) plays the ghostly Anna. [via ComingSoon]

••• The writer of Marvel’s new Black Panther comic series, author and National Book Award winner Ta-Nehisi Coates, introduces the first in a new series of videos giving you some background on the character.





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