Kevin Smith Will Be Back To Direct An Episode Of The Flash Season 3


Viewers (both in the UK and the US) have yet to see the Kevin (Mallrats, Dogma) Smith-directed episode of The Flash (which will be called, rather wonderfully, “The Runaway Dinosaur”) but apparently the cast and crew were so enamoured with working with him that he’s already been confirmed to return for season three.

For his part, Smith has been effusive about how much he enjoyed working on the show, claiming “The Runaway Dinosaur” could be some of the best directing work he’s ever done. So returning to the show is probably a labour of love foe a man with a very busy upcoming schedule.

According to ComicBookResources, Kevin Smith’s second episode of The Flash will take place in the first half of season three.


Below is the trailer for the Kevin Smith episode,“The Runaway Dinosaur”. It does contain a VERY BIG SPOILER for UK viewers as we’re one episode in hand. So only click on the vid if you’re up to speed or you don’t care…


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